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Opening Moves, by Steven James

A truly edge-of-your-seat series that I recommend to many… That’s what Steven James’ Patrick Bowers novels are. Each one has more creativity and uniqueness than I could begin to describe, so you’re just going to have to read them and see for yourself.

Opening Moves takes us back to the 1990s, with portable phones and videos. We meet Patrick Bowers, a homicide detective in Milwaukee, and quickly realize that he’s something special. His observation skills and the depth of his thinking, paired up with his loyalty and perseverance, make him a detective unlike any other. He often finds himself pondering how our choices and experiences shape our lives, and what justice really looks like.

Pat, as his friends call him, is investigating a series of terribly grotesque crimes. The villain seems to be honoring past twisted criminals, including a cannibal, with his crime spree, and each one is progressively worse and more cruel than the one before. In order to catch the bad guy and end this horrific series of events, Pat turns to new and nearly unheard of investigation strategies. Nobody is above suspicion as this young detective seeks out the truth.

Personally, I highly recommend this book be read first, even though it wasn’t written until after several of the other books in the series. While this series can be read out of order if you insist on it, and they each have an individual storyline, they all fit together like a puzzle, and to get the full picture in the best possible way, they need to be read in order. There are continuing characters and plot lines that show up throughout the series… and this should be respected and used to make the most of the story!

Before I finished reading my first novel by this amazing storyteller, he had already earned a spot as one of my favorite writers. As great as they are, though, be aware that they can be somewhat graphic, due to the nature of Patrick’s line of work.

After pondering this for quite a while, I think I’ll go with taco salad as a food comparison for this series. There are so many flavors and textures… just as Steven James’ writing is made up of many levels of story, so very intricately woven together to draw in the reader.

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