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The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder, by Rachel McMillan¬†

The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder is a delightfully charming introduction to Canadian detectives Jemima Watts and Merinda Herringford. Having decided that they are to be female Sherlock Holmes-esque sleuths, Merinda takes it upon herself to advertise in a low-budget newspaper and post a sign in their window, and Jem has not much choice but to go along with her friend’s scheme. The two young lady detectives find themselves caught up in the investigation of a young woman’s murder and are determined to stop at nothing to keep the killer from continuing his rampage through early-1900s Toronto.

Full of mystery with just enough romance to flutter hearts, this debut novel from Rachel McMillan is sure to capture readers’ attention and spark their imaginations. Love at first sight is how I have to describe my reaction to this cover.. and every single detail about the book was everything I wanted it to be.. and more — from the characters who wanted to skip & twirl off the pages to the uniquely imaginative descriptions and the adorable storyline. (I would be remiss if I neglected to mention Ms. McMillan’s use of footnotes.. They made me smile more than I can say.)

This darling book is, to me, everything that a nice steaming cup of tea is, with a freshly baked cookie on the side. It’s comfortable and a happy place to be.


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