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The Lost Heiress, by Roseanna M White

Simply put, The Lost Heiress is a lovely book. And yet.. this story is anything but simple. It combines a myriad of facets that never failed to keep me guessing and turning pages; it is so much more involved than one could gather from reading the back cover.

This story tells of Brook, quite a spunky, independent young lady, who is taken by surprise when she’s suddenly told that she is the long lost daughter of an earl. It’s the skillfully-spun tale of her journey to become who she was born to be as she adjusts to life in England.. from a new climate and skeptical people to becoming a baroness overnight, nothing seems constant anymore. When Brook’s entire life changes instantly, she realizes just how unchanging God remains. She grows in learning how to relate to her newfound family and friends.. and how to interact her lifelong friend, Justin, in light of their ever-morphing lives. Throw some extremely rare jewels into the mix, and Brook’s days become even more complicated.

Life, love, jealousy, honesty… they all play a part in this tale of greed and betrayal and learning what trusting God really looks like when we don’t understand.

In the midst of seemingly hopeless times, Brook must learn how to trust that our God is not present only in the happy, but He is here just the same in the hard. Even the lightning and thunder are at His command, and He uses them for good. He can turn even terrifying storms into things of beauty, if only we loosen our feeble grip long enough to entrust Him with our everything. And even when things look bleak, even when we don’t understand, He is still good. He is still God.

Almost a treasure hunt, this story of love lost and love gained from the start made me think of Cinderella. As time went on, I came to realize that, while it is Cinderella-esque, it’s also a tale of mystery and adventure that deserves a soundtrack like that of Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s like Jane Austen meets murder mysteries. It’s the perfect mix of little-girl-dreaming-of-being-a-princess and danger lurking around every corner.

This is an amazing book. The characters are very real. From their thoughts, actions, dialogue, interactions, I feel as though I know them and understand them.

What food does The Lost Heiress relate to? A chai tea latte. It’s got sweet romance, the spice of mystery and intrigue, and a lovely texture of creative descriptions and storytelling. Brook would argue for espresso, rather than chai, but… well, to be honest, I’m not a coffee girl. So I’ll stick with chai.

I enjoy that we get to learn some of the history and evolution of The Lost Heiress, and I’m quite impressed that its writer began her first version of it at the young age of twelve.

I’m eager for book two. The stage is set, the characters in place… I’m certain that Roseanna White has countless surprises in store for us.


*I have had the privilege and honor of being on Roseanna White’s launch team for The Lost Heiress and received this book in exchange for an honest review.


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